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Our history of projects reads like something out of a Mission Impossible script. The only differences are that with us it’s for real. No matter how big, how small, how complex or how tight for time and space, we really do redefine what can be done. If it’s doable, we can do it for you. In fact we may even have done it for someone else already.

Future Events was approached by Haymarket Exhibitions to design and build a fitting feature to celebrate the McLaren Grand Prix race team heritage.

The process started with a visit to McLaren Technology Centre at Woking where the team is based and where they have a number of heritage cars on display.

Following this we then prepared a wish list of cars that spanned the decades. On our request to the team, not only did they readily agree but they brought forward the restoration of two cars so they would be ready in time for the show.

Obviously we knew straight away the feature would have huge appeal for both the public and racing fans and therefore designed the display to be free flowing and informative, yet we were able to allow the public closer access than ever before by use of curved sloping platforms and horizontal protection rails that allowed for uncluttered photography.

Not only did we design and build the structures we also took full responsibility for the rising and positioning of these priceless racing cars.
The insurance value of these cars....don't ask.

The first production MP4/12C road car and chassis on public display

6 F1 world championship winning cars

Haymarket - www.haymarket.com

Autosport - www.autosportinternational.com

McLaren -