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Our history of projects reads like something out of a Mission Impossible script. The only differences are that with us it’s for real. No matter how big, how small, how complex or how tight for time and space, we really do redefine what can be done. If it’s doable, we can do it for you. In fact we may even have done it for someone else already.

Stratford Station was chosen as the venue for a stakeholders meeting and media event to detail progress on Channel Tunnel Rail Link 2. It was obviously desirable to invite guests to the station they were partly funding, but the challenge to us was that the site was still under construction.

With the assistance of the on-site Contract Manager, we took charge of an area of station and converted it into a theatre for 300 stakeholders, MPs and media representatives.

The basis of the project was to create a blacked out box using trussing and bolton material to form the presentation space. We then constructed a raised rostrum in a semi-circular shape where we positioned the seating. Backdrops to the speakers were formed by 6m high x 2.5m wide panels. These were stretched with fabric that had been printed with various photographic images of both the tunnelling process and construction of the station, as this work had featured many unique and innovative elements.
Transformation of a building site into an event space

Theatre for 300 built in a confined space

Vidiwall presentation built around existing structures

6m high graphic prints

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