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Our history of projects reads like something out of a Mission Impossible script. The only differences are that with us it’s for real. No matter how big, how small, how complex or how tight for time and space, we really do redefine what can be done. If it’s doable, we can do it for you. In fact we may even have done it for someone else already.

Hailed by some art critics as the ‘Angel of the South’, the Ebbsfleet Landmark Project selected us to build a display for their media launch, as well as another display within Bluewater estimated to attract half a million people.

The aim of the display was to showcase the final five sculptors who had come up with creative and imaginative ideas for the Landmark Project. Each sculptor was given equal status to allow the judges to review their ideas and presentations in a completely unbiased way. Each sculpture was supported by development drawings that were displayed on adjoining structures.

After the initial launch which received extensive media coverage, the display was moved to the Bluewater shopping centre which is about two miles from the location of the sculpture. For this site we manufactured a pentagonal display with a central area which was known as ‘Have your say’ where members of the public were allowed to pass comment on each of the five designs. The interesting aspect of this process is that while the art critics were largely in favour of one particular design, members of the public came out with strong support for an alternative proposal.
A rival to the Angel of the North, at 63m high

Exhibition built inside Bluewater complex, anticipating that 500,000 people will have their say

Handling work by five prestigious sculptors

High-profile press and TV coverage

Duration of event: three months

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